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Part of what makes Eli’s Coffee Shop special is our close community. We want to give extra special treatment to the people that have made the Eli’s community so extraordinary. That’s why we have the Eli’s Card. It’s a thank you from the Eli’s family to our loyal customers and a way for us to get to know you better. Check out all of the great benefits that come with the Eli’s Card:


  • Earn points on every purchase to redeem for awesome rewards
  • Load money on your card to allow for faster, easier checkouts
  • Receive the latest news, special offers, and a free drink on your birthday
  • More benefits arriving soon...





How It Works:


To the point - You can now earn rewards points on every purchase at Eli's! One point is earned for every dollar spent and it can be on anything at all! Coffee? You bet. Scotcharoos? Certainly. Melts? Absolutely!

Nothing average here - We’ve introduced loyalty tiers which will allow you to claim rewards on whatever drinks you’d like! How you spend your points is up to you. Save them for money back on your next order, or spend some now for that early morning coffee fix!



Silver Level: 25 Points

Daily Grind

Hot Cocoa

Hot Tea

Iced Tea

Flavored Lemonade


Gold Level: 35 Points


Au Lait


Iced Cocoa

Iced Coffee


Platinum Level: 45 Points






Iced Chai

Iced Latte



And if you save up for 50 points, you get $5 off your order!



Rewarding, right? – Points never expire and you can use them however you like. If you previously had free drinks earned on your card, we’ll be converting that value over to points so you’ll have a great head start!






Q: Do I need to pay with my Eli’s Card to receive points, or can I just use the rewards feature?
A: Nope! Loading money and paying with the card is optional, you just have to have an Eli’s Card account to accumulate points.

Q: Do my points expire?
A: No, your points do not expire. You can hold on to your points until you’re ready to redeem them.

Q: I accumulated free drinks on the previous system, did those transfer over?
A: Yes, any free drinks you had on our old system have been converted to 25 points per drink and added to your account!

Q: How do I look up how many points I've earned?
A: We're working on a way to view points online but in the meantime, you can just ask our baristas when you're in a shop, and they will tell you your current points.


Q: If I already have an Eli's card, do I need a new one?

A: No, if you have a card already, it will continue to work and has been updated to our new points system.



Sign Up:


Use the form below to sign up for an Eli's Card. We'll get a card created for you and mail it to you in 2-3 business days. You can then start using your card in any of our locations!

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 If you have questions about your Eli's Card or have problems with paying, loading money, or redeeming rewards, please contact us.

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